"...you should simply be a slot on the National Curriculum..." Headteacher Lorna Middleton
   "...you should simply be a slot on the National Curriculum..." Headteacher Lorna Middleton

Military Team Building

At ECG we believe that true adventure can bring the best out of your team. Taking everybody out of their comfort zone really brings out the true character of the individual, and it’s only once you have seen these traits that you can truly judge a person. There is no better place to see what your team is made of that in an extreme environment, whether that’s hanging from a rope 150ft above the ground, going 50 knots on a RIB or doing a night navigation exercise on Dartmoor! We guarantee that you will see a big difference in your team afterwards.

Improved Performance

When moral is high, a team will perform at it’s best helping to increase efficiency, performance and profits. Our corporate team building programs are designed to influence the long-term strategy of your business.

Transferable Skills

Each corporate event is designed with your key objectives in mind. We will put your team through high pressure situations, challenging scenarios and and take them out of their comfort zone to build on key behaviours lacking in the working environment.

All our corporate team building programs are uniquely designed so you can get the most out of your experience. See below our different packages which can be tailored to your requirements.

Scenario Based Training

corporate events

Develop Leadership Skills
Promote Team Building
Staff Motivation
Increase Productivity
Enhance Work Performance

24 Hour Survival Challenge

24 hour challenge

Remote Location
Ultimate Mind & Body Test
Problem Solving
Extreme Pressure
… Are you strong enough to survive?


"A fantastic and rewarding day led by a group of professionals that are clearly at the top of their game. From the beginning of the day, we were made to feel like we were in a live scenario with an appropriate balance of challenge and support provided by the facilitators. Our entire leadership team were taken out of their comfort zones and pushed hard to make critical decisions that in the real world would have far reaching consequences. The scenario based training really enabled us to develop our big-picture thinking, considering all options available and making quick decisions based on the information available coupled with a suitable balance of risk taking. I would use Elite Commando Group again in a heartbeat and the whole team found the day extremely rewarding. A definite recommend from Virgin Media and Liberty Global for anyone looking to build teams with strong critical decision making capabilities."

liberty global

Paul Edwards, Director of European B2B Support

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