"...you should simply be a slot on the National Curriculum..." Headteacher Lorna Middleton
   "...you should simply be a slot on the National Curriculum..." Headteacher Lorna Middleton


We have had a fantastic response from parents and children after taking part in our Mini Marines clubs, and participants of our Corporate Commando programmes. Click on a button below to view our testimonials. We value all customer feedback and would love to hear your thoughts, if you wish to submit a testimonial of your own please email us at info@elitecommandogroup.com.




"A fantastic and rewarding day led by a group of professionals that are clearly at the top of their game. From the beginning of the day, we were made to feel like we were in a live scenario with an appropriate balance of challenge and support provided by the facilitators. Our entire leadership team were taken out of their comfort zones and pushed hard to make critical decisions that in the real world would have far reaching consequences. The scenario based training really enabled us to develop our big-picture thinking, considering all options available and making quick decisions based on the information available coupled with a suitable balance of risk taking. I would use Elite Commando Group again in a heartbeat and the whole team found the day extremely rewarding. A definite recommend from Virgin Media and Liberty Global for anyone looking to build teams with strong critical decision making capabilities."

liberty global

Paul Edwards, Director of European B2B Support

Mini Marines


"My 6 year old absolutely loves the holiday club. The holidays used to be a nightmare but Mini Marines is fantastic. He is so excited to go every day and I love hearing about all the wonderful new things he has been doing."

Sadie Marie, Parent

"My little boy loves Mini Marines & gets so excited when it is a Wednesday. As he is so young I did worry whether he would fit it but you have all made him feel so welcome & he has so much fun & is looking forward to the holiday club in February!"

Alison Burrow, Parent

"My son came out so excited after his first session and hasn’t stopped talking about it since!!! I already feel like he will gain so much from this experience."

Lucy Wade, Parent

"What all you guys do week in week out is fantastic for the kids, Kenzie loves mini marines and I thank you for all the help and support you continue to give him. Grant, Andrew and the team thank you, keep up the good work and all the best."

Steve Plank, Parent

Amazing group for children of all ages. My 5 year old loved it and went for whole summer ! Good opportunity to learn some new skills, meet new friends and have fun!! Thankyou!!

Jenna Shardlow, Parent

"My son really enjoyed his fun packed day with the mini marines today, would use the holiday club again. Very well organised great communication. He has also loved the after school club, would highly recommend."

Sarah Booker, Parent



"Grant, and his team, has been working with our first cohort of students and completed the 12 week training sessions very recently. In this time, I have found Grant to be organised, focussed on the students’ strengths and areas of concern, and shown great positivity towards the students in his charge.

Feedback from the students has been uniformly positive: those students who were initially sceptical (and refused) to take part, have completed all 12 weeks and shown more self-awareness of school expectations and how to improve their own behaviours. Those students who were most enthusiastic have maintained this level of commitment and asked to continue into Cohort two, in the future.

Ultimately, for the school, we are looking to see more positive behaviours over time and, certainly, to see the positive rewards outweigh any negative sanctions. Across all students, there is clear evidence of a greater number of ‘house-points’ each week, also from an increasingly large number of subjects teachers. Whilst there are still instances of poor behaviour, this has dwindled over the twelve weeks, suggesting that the students are trying to work harder and behave better throughout the school day.

On behalf of the school, I am happy to contract a further 12 week programme and introduce a larger number of students to Grant and the team. The skills learnt build from: personal appearance; self-confidence; respect towards all people in school and beyond; demonstrating that positive effort is a better method of achieving success, compared to distraction and a lack of focus.

I look forward to continuing the programme from ‘Elite Commando Group’ in the short and long term future."

S. Clarkson Winchcombe School (Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum)